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Lance And Michelle Rowe
1998Lance And Michelle Rowe 1998

 Equipping the Saints to Do The Work  Of The Ministry

Fulfilling the Great Commission since 1988.


Cross Country Ministries was  started in 1988 when Lance and Michelle Rowe sold all they had to purchase and convert a 1949 Ford Bus so they could learn about living in Faith. What they thought was going to be a six month journey has developed into a ministry that has impacted many lives for the Kingdom of God. They started their journey with two children. As of 2015, they are the parents of seven, and the grand parents of three.

From carrying a cross as a visual form of evangelism, open air street preaching, tent meetings, pastoring, storm relief, conferences, speaking at local churches, one on one discipleship, authoring multiple books, and tracts, and equipping the saints to do the work of the ministry, Crosscountry Ministries' first and foremost focus has always been to walk in Faith toward God, and to encourage others to do the same.



A Discipleship resource for every ChristianA Discipleship resource for every Christian

•Three Questions. A Study of the Last Days Based on Matthew 24

Have You Been Taught About the Last Days From The Bible, or From Man's Traditions?Have You Been Taught About the Last Days From The Bible, or From Man's Traditions?


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•The First Principles; A Course in Discipleship for every Christian

A study on the first principles of The Christian Faith based on Hebrews 6:1-2

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How Our Ministry Developed

A brief description of the adventure the Lord has had us on

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