"The Kings Court"

Picture this: A Great King finds you guilty of great offences, and has you brought forth to be tried. While in the trial, The Great King is moved with compassion to forgive and release you.

Once free from prison, you begin to have a Great Love and admiration for this Great and Merciful King, who has restored your Life. Out of your heart moved Love for this King, you begin to be submissive to His every command, desiring to please Him with all of your Heart.

After a space of time, you are approached by a group of vain fellows, who say that they also had been tried in a court and were given compassionate forgiveness from The Great King.

These Vain Fellows begin to teach you that; "they can now break and disobey any of The Kings Commandments, and He will never put them in prison again. They call it; "Once freed from prison, always freed from prison."

They go on to say that; "sinful rebellion against The Kings Commands will not get you in prison, it will only speed you on your journey to the great reward of The Kings Kingdom."

Now what should you believe, your first heart's felt Love and devotion to be submissive to this Great Merciful King, who has given you Life for Death, or these fellows with their teachings? After all, some of them are very famous and well respected among the people, are they not?

"Behold therefore the goodness and severity of God; on them which fell, severity; but toward thee goodness, (if thou continue) in his goodness; otherwise thou also shalt be cut off." This is a condition. (ROMANS 11:22)


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Date: Thu, 29 Jul 1999 12:43:12 -0400

Subject: from the Lord...

Good day to ya! Glory to God in the highest!

I was having a conversation with Our Lord the other day and He gave me some things to share with the cells, as well as the body of Christ. This may come as a shock, but receive it with the love that comes from above! He loves us and wants us to be dependent on Him like never before. And to be about His work. Our own agendas are getting in His way. NOTE: IF THIS DOESN'T APPLY TO YOU, DON'T TAKE IT PERSONAL.....BUT IF IT DOES, RUN WITH IT! Love ya, mary & brian

7/25/99 The Lord our God tells us that we have become a complacent people. We have taken God and the things of God for granted. They've become 'common place' in our hearts and minds. Like Uzzah, who lived in the same place that the ark of the covenant was housed for twenty years, and while moving it dared to touch it, knowing what God had commanded. He was smitten for his actions. God loved him as much as He loves us.

Where is our holiness? Where is the righteousness that He calls for? We must return to our first love and get off our couches and out of our comfortable places to share the gospel with every creature.

God cares about that person that sped by you on the way to work. He also cares about the one that yells obscenities at you, about the one that yelled at their child in the store, and about the one that was stumbling drunk at the lake. He has not taken off for the summer. There is no time for the things that our flesh wants to do.

The field is OVERRIPE!!


If His bride is to make herself ready--pure and spotless--she must prepare herself NOW. Reach every last soul you come in contact with.

Put your pride on the line. How do you know that they aren't lost and going to hell if you won't even stop to talk with them? See them with God's eyes. He loves them and has a plan for them like He does you.

Don't be selfish with what was given to you freely. The time is indeed at hand. Don't take it for granted that because we live in America, every person has heard of Jesus and what He did for us. It isn't so.

Even in the 'Bible Belt' people are lost and going to Hell because God's people are so comfortable, and have lost their fear for Him, and have refused to be a little uncomfortable---or bold---to share Jesus with them.

We will be held accountable.

How will the people know what the Lord God has brought us through and to if we don't tell them. Your testimony is not your own. It's to be shared to encourage and draw souls to the Father, that the Father may be glorified. Are we too busy to bask in His presence? How else will we be spotless? How else will be grow and mature and be in love with our Father?

( 2 Timothy 1: 8 ) " Be not thou therefore ashamed of the testimony of our LORD."