A Guide To Intercessory Prayer


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This is a prayer guide a person could use during  Corporate Prayer meetings in thier church, or individually in their personal prayer closet. The truth of the matter is that a lot of people have a hard time praying for 10 minutes let alone for an hour. Yet Jesus asked the disciples why they couldn't watch with Him for an hour.

The disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray, and He told them "When you pray, pray like this"... This guide is based on  His Pattern, to help Christians to effectively and specifically pray for their communities and for the nation each night.

You can start this pattern of prayer on an individual level today. It is a good model to help you to begin to have a real substantial prayer life with the Lord.

Prayer Guide: Spend 10 minutes of time on each of these points, and you have prayed for an hour. This is only a pattern, if you need a pattern. Pray each point as it concerns your community first, and then focus on the National need. Begin your Daily prayer session praising Him for Who He is. You should be able to at least give Him 5 minutes of opening praise and adoration. Just concentrate on Him and His Presence in your life. That will leave you even less time to pray for each point. The more you praise Him, the easier the prayer session will be.

Here's a helpful hint to help facilitate your prayer time: Good worship music always helps to get you into an attitude of worshipful intercession.

 I was blessed by the Lord to be able to set up a prayer room in Rainsville, Alabama. At the time of this writing, the prayer room (called the Parayer Closet) is open an hour a day 5 days a week. Each day we gather to pray for a specific focus. Mondays we pray for the Church on Sand Mountain (where Rainsville is located) and in the Nation. Tuesdays we pray for the Government on Sand Mountain and in the nation. Wednesdays for the Family unit on Sand Mountain and in the nation. Thursdays we pray for the lost, again, on Sand Mountain, and in the Nation, and on Fridays we have a time of self examnation and confession and repentance. The following pages are Prayer Guides I drew up for each of these nights. At the Bottom of each page, there is a link to download the prayer guide to your computer.

They are just patterns. Just reading through each of them with a prayerful attitude could cover 1/2 hour. If you focus on the essence of what you are praying about, you could easily cover 50 - 60 minutes. I hope this blesses you as you press into the heavenlies with your petitions to God on behalf of others and yourself.
















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