A Guide To Intercessory Prayer For The Church


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                    Monday     -      The Body of Christ:



1) Unity (Jn 17) [Your Kingdom come] "Father we pray for the Unity of the Churches on this mountain. We pray that Baptists would walk with Pentecostals and Methodists and Holiness Churches would unite together to establish Your Kingdom on this mountain (call out the names of various fellowships in the towns on this mountain as you pray this portion of the prayer)". Next pray for the Greater unity of the Church in the nation. Call out denominations and fellowships you may be personally aware of and intercede on their behalf.

 2) Equipping Eph 4 [Your will be done] "Father we pray that Your word will go forth from the pulpits of these churches and that You would grant Your people to have hearing ears to hear what Your Spirit would speak to them. Give us willing hearts to surrender to Your Will. Lord, we pray that the Churches would have a heart for the communities in which they are established." Pray first for the mountain, and individual Churches on the mountain, then pray for the pastors and leadership who are known nationally.

 3) Provision [Give us this day our daily bread] (Phil 4:19) "Father, we pray that despite the shape of the national economy, You would grant that Your people would have their needs met, that Your churches here on this mountain and in the United States would thrive. Grant us favor in the eyes of the community, and that the lost would see us as a lighthouse to turn to for refuge."

 4) Repentance [Forgive us our trespasses] "Father, forgive us for seeking our own agendas and building our own kingdoms and turning away from You. We ask that You would bring Your Holy Spirit conviction on Your people and a revelation to us individually as to where we have failed You."

 5) Leadership [Lead us not in temptation deliver us from evil] "Lord, help us to be yielded to You and have a heart to live only for You. Help us to be sensitive to Your Holiness and Your Righteousness."

 6)  Boldness [Thine is the the Kingdom and the Power] "Father, we ask that You would grant us boldness to proclaim Your Word in the Market place and in our place of employment, to be the Light you would have us to be. Lord, we pray that Your Children would see the need to be Your witnesses on this mountain and in this Nation, and that you would give them the passion to see souls saved. We pray that You would bring opportunities to minister to those who don't know You, and that You would help us to understand what it is to be Your Hands and Feet on this mountain.



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