A Guide To Intercessory Prayer For The Government


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                Tuesday Prayer Points     -     Government


 1) Christian Principles in Government. [Your Kingdom come] "Father, we pray for the city councils in each of our towns on this mountain. We pray for the Mayors. We pray for the police departments. We pray for the pastors and the Christian leadership on this mountain (Call out names that you know, and pray either for salvation on the individuals, or for wisdom to lead in Christian values, if they are already in Christ)."  Now pray for our Nation's Government, our military and our law enforcement and Judicial system. Call out names as you are led.

 2) Wisdom  in Government [Your Will be done] "Father, we pray for these individuals that You would grant them favor and wisdom in leading their communities on Sand Mountain, according to Your Will." Now pray for Wisdom in our nation's Government, in the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches to lead according to God's Will.

 3) Economy [Give us this day our Daily Bread] (Phil 4:19) "Father, We thank You that you bring industry into these towns, and cause them to prosper as Your Kingdom is established." Call out each town on the mountain, and various Christian Businesses for God's Blessings on them, and other business owners who may not yet know Him, that they would come to know him and that their business would be run by Christian ethics. Now pray for the economy of the nation, and for national Christian businesses to flourish...Pray for corporations that leaders of corporations would come to a saving knowledge of Christ, and that as they do, they would prosper even more, and finance the furtherance of the Kingdom of God in our country,

 4) Repentance [Forgive us our trespasses] "Father, We pray that You would bring those who do not know you into a place of repentance and salvation. Reveal to those who do know you the areas where they have leaned on their own understanding instead of acknowledging You, and grant them a heart of repentance".

5) Leadership [Lead us not in temptation deliver us from evil] "Lord, we pray that You would keep the governing authorities from the temptation to be influenced by the power You have given them, and that they would rule Justly and in Your Righteousness. Help them to make godly decisions and keep them from the influence of the greed and corruption." Pray for the Government of our nation, for the President, and the Congress, and all who are in authority. Remove or bring salvation to those who are opposed to Christ, and lift up those who are for Him.

6)  Strength [Thine is the  Kingdom and the Power] Father, we ask that You would cause the Law enforcement to prosper in their duties, that drugs would be eradicated from this mountain, and that crime would be eradicated on this mountain and in our nation.




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