A Guide to Intercessory Prayer For The Family


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                 Wednesday  Prayer Points  -   Families


 1) Godly direction in the homes - [Your Kingdom come] "Father, we pray for the parents of the families on this mountain, Lord, that You would bring salvation to fathers and mothers across the mountain, that they may lead their children in the way that they would go." Call out individuals that you know who need Christ, and pray for them and their marriages, and their children. Then pray that the family unit in America would grow stronger, and that the divorce rate would decline as people begin to grasp the meaning of covenant relationship.

2) Christ as Head - [Your will be done] That Christ would be the priority in the families, and that daily decisions would be made in honoring Christ. That the family unit would function as outlined in 1 Cor 11: Wives subject to the Husbands, and husbands loving the wives as Christ loved the Church and gave Himself for it." Then pray for the strengthening of the traditional family unit in America, and against the forces that are at work to destroy it.

 3) Provision - [Give us this Day our daily bread] (Phil 4:19) "Father, we thank You that you provide the daily need of  families who are anchored in You on this mountain, and that they will have no need to rely on governmental assistance, but that You will provide the needed jobs and income that each family needs to care for their household."

 4) Repentance [Forgive us our trespasses] "Father we thank You that Husbands and wives would repent of self seeking agendas' but that they would work together and not against one another in the household."  Pray against abuse, both physically and emotionally.

 5) Morality in the children and the parents [Lead us not in temptation deliver us from evil]"Father we thank You that you restore a sense of Christian values to the family unit here on this mountain. We come against infidelity and adultery and fornication in all its forms on this mountain. We come against drug abuse, alcohol abuse, sexual abuse, and generational strongholds that have taken root on this mountain that oppose the Purpose of Christ."

 6)  Individual families -  [Thine is the the Kingdom and the Power ] "Father, we thank You that You intervene in ______________'s marriage, and that You open their eyes and restore that marriage. We come against the principalities and powers and the deceit of the enemy that has blinded their eyes to the truth."




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