A Guide To Intercessory Prayer For The Lost


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             Thursday  Prayer Points   -     The Lost


 1)  Opening of eyes, and a drawing into the Kingdom - [Your Kingdom come] "Father, we thank You that Your Desire is that none should perish, and that All should come to repentance. God, we ask that You would raise up laborers to speak Your Words of Life into the ears of the lost, that You would give them ears to hear, and that You would reveal Your Truth to those whose minds have been blinded by the god of this world." Call out individual names of those who you know on this mountain that need to be saved. Then pray for the Nation, cities that you are personally connected with, and that God would send forth laborers in those cities. Call out individuals you may know across the nation and throughout the world who need Jesus, and pray for their salvation.

2)  Discipleship Eph 4  - [Your Will be done]  "Father, we thank You that as You draw these into Your Kingdom, that You would lead them to fellowships and individuals that are Kingdom minded on this mountain, and that they would be discipled into the Calling that You have for them. " Then pray for the nation in the same light. Pray that there would be a raising of awareness among Churches and Ministries on this mountain and in the nation for the need to disciple and equip these new Christians to be more than mere spectators or members of an audience.

3) Provision  - [Give us this day our daily bread] "Father, we thank You that as You draw these new Christians into Your Kingdom that You bring them to a place of Your Provision, so they can know that their help comes from You. Grant them a revelation of Your Truth and the Faith to walk in that Truth. Help us to understand the principalities and powers that rule over this area, so we can know how to pray.

4) Repentance - [Forgive us our trespasses] "Lord, we pray that Your Holy Spirit would sweep across this mountain and that those who do not know You or those who have walked away from You would come to a place of conviction, and a place of repentance before You."

5) Deliverance - [Lead us not in temptation deliver us from evil] "Lord, we pray that You would work a mighty work of Deliverance in those who are in bondage on this mountain. We pray against Meth addictions, Alcohol addictions, Pornographic addictions, Sexual deviance that has reigned on this mountain." Call out names of those who you know are bound, and seek the Lord for their deliverance. Ask the Lord to give them a revelation of the need to respond to the Will of God. Grant them a receptive heart to hear Your Truth. Then pray as the  Holy Spirit leads you to pray in this respect for the nation.

6)  Sovereignty of God  - [Thine is the Kingdom and the Power] "Father thank You that You bring down every strong hold on this mountain and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of You. Thank You that You open the eyes of those who have been blinded by cultic influences, and that You deliver the people on this mountain from witchcraft, secret societies, Satanism and other occultic practices and false teachings on this mountain. Lord, Let me see opportunities you set before me to witness to others, and grant me boldness to respond."




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