A Guide For Personal Introspection In Prayer


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     Friday  Prayer Points     -     Personal introspection


This might be a good day for you to spend in fasting as you prepare yourself to get serious with God.

 1) [Your Kingdom come] "Father, I ask You to help me walk in Your Kingdom principles. Direct my steps, and help me to see the opportunities that You open for me to minister in." Wait on Him for a while to give you direction.

 2) Surrender - [Your will be done] "Let me know what areas in my life are in the way of service to You, Lord. I want Your Will to be done in my life." Wait on Him, and as you meditate on these areas, He will reveal them to you. "Lord, help me to see others as You see them. Help me to have Your heart for those who do not know you, or for those who are struggling in their faith. Help me to live a life of Holiness before You in all I do. Help me to see the opportunities you give me each day to minister to others."

 3) Provision [Give us this Day our daily bread (Phil 4:19)] Let Him know what your petitions are. He wants you to ask, and He will give you what your needs are. Wait on Him and see if He reveals any personal issues that you need to resolve first to put you in a position to receive your petition. Ask Him to equip you to be an effective laborer in His Kingdom.

 4) Repentance [Forgive us our trespasses] As you pray to Him, He will reveal areas in your life that you need to repent of. Ask Him to reveal things in your heart that you need to get rid of, and wait for Him to show you. Then be willing to give it up. Ask him to help you to walk and live as a new creation in Christ, and to help you to be a light to others instead of a stumbling block.

 5) Personal deliverance [Lead us not in temptation deliver us from evil ]  Those besetting sins that you know are there. Ask Him for deliverance from those things.

 6)  Boldness [Thine is the the Kingdom and the Power] Ask Him for Boldness to speak His Word to others and to exercise the gifts that He has given you. Then Ask Him to show you who He would have you to speak to and minister to today. Ask Him to teach you to be more effective in witnessing to others. Ask Him for the gift of discernment so you can effectively witness to those you encounter. Give me eyes to see their need, and the ability to minister to that need.




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