To Hell With It All


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To Hell With It All!


To Hell with your philosophy and your prayers for selfish gain.
To Hell with your indifference that wears a Christian name.
To Hell with your patronage of cliques and social clubs,
To Hell with your callousness toward the lost ones that you snub.
To Hell with your lukewarm indifference to your spiritual need
To Hell with your apathy
, your religion and your greed.
To Hell, I say, to Hell because that is from whence it came,
You've been played for a fool in the devil's favorite game.

Repent, Christian Stoics who debate over simple Truth
Repent you prideful children who take offense at all reproof.
Repent, divisive leaders who are out for your own gain
Repent of your agendas that are to Christ a deadly bane.
Repent oh Christian children and begin to seek His Face,

Repent of your misusing of His Redeeming Grace.
Repent, I say Repent and return to your first Love
When nothing else had mattered than to do His Will above.

Lance Rowe


















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