Volume 1 Issue 2 Feb.-July 1999


Jesus is Lord!
Our God is an awesome God!!!

First let me begin by apologizing for being so long in getting out another newsletter. I promise to be more faithful in updating you on things that are happening in the ministry.Wow God has been so awesome this year I dont even know where to begin. So I will just give you an overview of what has been happening.


This year was really a year of harvest in New Orleans, from the ministry on the street to the fellowship off of the streets, it was great. We stayed at a discipleship house which belonged to "The Jesus Miracle Power ministry” this ministry is really making an impact on their city, trusting totally in the Lord and in his provision. and we joined up with some awesome brothers and sisters in the Lord and fellow crossbearers; Lance Rowe and his family, Brian Oconnel, Michael Siemer and his family, and Brian Chamberlin and his family and other brothers and sisters in the Lord that came out to meet up with them what a time of fellowship and ministry out on the streets.

I was standing with the cross one night in Jackson Square, and a man came up to me and asked me if I was ready to bleed for the cause of Christ, then he stuck his hand in his pocket(sometimes these questions catch you off gaurd ) So I just told him that neither the cross nor myself were going anywhere, so he could just do what he thought he had to do, so he walked around me for awhile and would come up and get in my face, and then after he calmed down he started asking questions, after ministering to him for about an hour, Iwas able to pray for him and watch his countenance change as he made Jesus Lord of his life.

I debated with a wiccan, who said that he use to be a christian until he found the true religion, its funny how people will give up a relationship to find a religion that will justify their sin. These are just a couple of testimonies of what the Lord was doing in New Orleans. This year the Lord blessed me with a bus God is so awesome, please pray for the brother who gave me the bus names are not important the Lord knows who he is and I know He will bless him abundantly, for this bus will be an instument used in the harvest of souls.

I think aside from the wonderful harvest, and the blessing of the bus, the most wonderful miracle this year was when a young girl gave our brother Lance and his family a baby, they were not able to keep the baby because of their residence is in another state, but they were able to find wonderful christian parents for the baby, God is so awesome. Seeing this happen really put a lot of light on Colossions 1:13, for me. After New Orleans we headed back to Ft. Worth, I started checking over the bus getting it ready, their are some minor things that needed fixing I will update you more in the next newsletter.


In the last newsletter I told you about an inmate who was awiating the death penalty, he said he was ready to die, and did not care about the things of God , he was so hard hearted, he did not even want prayer. Praise the Lord this man James is now a brother in the Lord, after much visiting and much ministry James gave his heart to Jesus, after he was born again he expressed his concern, for life he said he felt he could do more for Jesus alive even if he was locked up for life, but he was ready to accept his punishment no matter what it was. We prayed for the Lords will to be done and as always God is faithful James was given a life sentence, double life actually, but I told him that he had already been given a sentence of eternal life, and that,. the courts cannot take away. I had also told you about the muslim from Ethiopia that had finally taken a Bible from me. I think the Lord is really drawing this man, after ministering to him for a few week I had to rebuke him for his hypocrisy even for a muslim. I showed him the truth’s of Christianity, and the heresies of the teaching of muhammad, and how he was not even doing what his faith required him to do, after that he seemed more open to the Gospel but they moved him into another tank. There continues to be a move of the Spirit of God in the jails, true conversions, and inmates getting on fire for Jesus witnessing to all that are around them.



This year we were in San Antonio for about a week carrying the cross through the streets, during the day and working the fiesta at night, the Lord gave me much fruit in this city as I was able to minister to many people while carrying the cross. This fiesta is slowly turning into a mardi-gras, but the good thing is more and more christians are coming out and being a witness for Jesus than before.This year I was able to preach to the kings court of the fiesta, as I carried my cross one day I went by them , so I stopped and began to preach about the true King of Kings, the Lord also gave me the opportunity to be on t.v. with the cross as I carried it right before the largest parade of the fiesta, this city is truly ripe for the harvest and we look forward to returning before the end of the year to carry the cross once again through the city.


Look what the Lord has done!!! we have had such an awesome time having the street church. I remember last October when the Lord told us to go and pray over in a certain area of town and it was there that he made the vision of the street church come alive to me. We started out with 5 gallon paint buckets with 2x 6 wooden boards across them for seats, and afterwards we would feed, we would rejoice in the lord when we would get 5 people out and if we got 15 to come out we were in revival! Well today we avaerage from 40 to 100 every Sunday night, the Lord has blessed us with some folding chairs and some tables, and a crew of faithful workers from different churches coming together preparing food for after the service, We also have some brothers come out and lead us in praise and worship.We have seen 4 people come off of the streets in the last couple of months, and we have seen some reunited with their families. The Lord is saving , delivering and setting the captives free, we have seen many be delivered from addictions, and the snare of the devil. GLORY TO JESUS, FOR HE IS FAITHFUL NOT WILLING THAT ANY SHOULD PERISH!!! God can do so much with so little all we have to do is be faithful with what we have right where we are at, and he will take care of the rest.


My home church was just given the use of a building in the inner city of Ft.Worth, so we have taken that building and turned it into an outpost to win, train and send out SOLDIERS FOR JESUS. we preach evangelistic services on sat. nights, and discipleship on tues. nights, and on fri. nights I teach about sharing the gospel then I take them out on the streets with the cross and we preach the gospel. Please pray for this work as God is raising up an army.



The greatest joy I have is being with the cross I have such an awesome time with the Father when I’m walking with the cross and ministering to the people.I have had such a wonderful harvest so far this year, carrying the cross through Ft. Worth, and some of the surrounding cities.Please pray for me and my family, I carry the cross and preach on the streets about 3 times a week whenever possible and we have the street church, and the jail ministry, and now the Inner City Ministry, and the Lord has put it on our hearts to begin to travel with the Cross into other cities, as he has raised up people here to step in place in our absence, so please keep this issue in your prayers.



I have to share this testimony about a Jehovahs witness that I encountered, he did not like the fact that I carried a cross or that I thought he belonged to a cult so he told me he was going to school me in the scriptures. The first thing he wanted to talk about was Jesus he wanted to argue the Diety of Christ so after letting him have his say I asked him to turn to the book of Revelation. I asked him to open to ch.1 verse 8 then I asked him who was the Alpha and omega the beginning and the end. and he said it was refering to God, so then we went to ch. 21 verse5,6 and I asked him who is the Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end, and he said the same thing. Then we went to ch. 22 verse 13 and I asked him the same question and got the same answer, so I said 1 more scripture ch. 1 verse17 who is the first and the last, and he answered the same, then I said read on into verse 18 then I asked him when did God die. and of course he could not answer that not even with his little red book of doctrine. So needless to say he wanted to change the subject but I would not let him, I said I answered your questions and if you cant answer mine then we stop here until you can. In short what I’m trying to say is dont be intimidated by the cults or any one else for that matter just rest assurred that you have the Spirit of Almighty God on the inside of you and greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world. So the next time someone comes knocking at your door don't be afraid just seize the moment, and tell them about the true saviour.


We serve such an awesome God! Do something for God today go to your neighbor or your enemy and tell them what wonderful things the Lord has done in your life. Most people want to wait for the big events or the big outreaches out of town before they share the gospel, and they neglect the ministry right in there own home town, I believe you should be about the Fathers business where ever you are at. You have a destiny everyday with God so seize the moment for Jesus Christ.

By the time you get this news letter we will be in Vernon Texas carrying the cross and on the weekend preaching at their annual end of summer blast. keep us in your prayers. If you really want a blessing get on the web and go to:http://crosscountry4jesus.com/index.html this web sight belongs to a precious brother in the Lord he and his family are carrying the cross from Florida to California, trusting totally in the Father, read about some of the awesome things God is doing on his pilgrimage, he also has some links and profiles of other cross bearers, so check it out, and drop my brother Lance a letter.Remember the harvest truly is plentious but the laborers are few. If we can help in any way please contact us.

Al Rodriguez
P.O. Box 151182
Ft. Worth, Tx. 76108


We love you ! and have need of nothing but your prayers.