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As the cold of snow in the time of harvest, so is a faithful messenger to them that send him: for he refresheth the soul of his master. Pro.25:13

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Update 2000

Praise the wonderful name of the Lord! He is Glorious and worthy to be praised. Greetings my precious brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ. I trust that all is well in your service to the most high God. And that you are diligently contending for the faith that was once and for all delivered unto the saints. May the mighty hand of God be upon you, as you press in to accomplish that to which he has called you to do!


What a wonderful time the Lord has given us so far this year! I would like to go back a little and highlight the close of 1999.

On Thanksgiving we were joined by the Chamberlin family coming through from Colorado, we had a wonderful time of fellowship with them, as well as some good time of ministry together. The day after Thanksgiving, Brian and I carried the crosses through the parade of lights downtown, this is supposed to be one of the largest night time parades around, thousands of people line the sides of the streets. After we led the parade we set up at each end of the street at the lighting of the Christmas tree, we had several salvations and prayed for many others. We also had a team working with us. They were set up on the side of the tree passing out flyers and free hot chocolate. We took the idea from brother Lance Rowe. Check out his web sight for a neat outreach idea, and find out what God is doing in his life and in the lives of other crossbearers. Just go to: This web sight will truly bless you.

A few days later Brian and I walked through the streets of downtown, passing out tracts, As Brian passed out a tract to two men sitting at an outdoor coffee shop, one of the men became enraged. He began to yell and scream about this Jesus idolatry that we were into, and at the same time complaining that he had a bad heart. He really didn't understand just how bad his heart really was.

The heart is deceitful above all things. And desperately wicked: who can know it. Jer. 17:9

What a shame to be in such a physical condition and still reject the Savior.

The Jesus Celebration

This was the second year for us to put on a Jesus celebration. What a wonderful time in the Lord! We had 300 people show up. We had a praise band and plenty of food and laborers. This year we had about 35 workers to show up and help serve and minister, one sister and her daughter came all the way in from Vernon Texas just to help out, what a blessing they were to us. This year 12 people came forward and gave their lives to Jesus. The food lasted right to the very end not one bit wasted and plenty for the last person to come through the line. As usual Calvary Chapel was a blessing to us helping us to put this all together. And St. Luke Cumberland Presbyterian Church blessed us by letting us use their chairs for the event. The homeless were really looking forward to it this year, and afterwards we passed out clothing, and sent the people to the Christmas tree where brother Ed Human held a pizza party for the homeless.

The New Millennium

We rang in the New Year with fellowship and then into the streets of downtown, where we joined with Daniel Guerra, to preach in the New Year on the streets. Ft. Worth had a big celebration and fireworks display for this event. Once the fireworks started going off the whole crowd ran off to see them and it seemed like we were standing in a ghost town with no one around to preach to. The night was uneventful, for a New Years Eve celebration, although at times the crowd was stirred.

Granbury Tx.

I carried the cross through Granbury Tx. This is a small historic town, where everyone claims to be right with the Lord. I carried the cross in through hwy.51 and into the historical town square not only are the locals hanging around here but also the tourists come in from all over to see this square. The lord was blessing his word and many were convicted of sin and others angered and hardened as I proclaimed the word of the Lord on the square. The Lord also sent me a young man who was a homosexual after some conversation he was angered and began to mock the wheel on the cross. But the Lord must be convicting him because before he left he still took a tract. I feel like the Lord is not finished with me yet in this city and plan to return as soon as the Lord will allow. Please be in prayer over this city.


The word Mardi-Gras means fat Tuesday, or in other words a day of indulgence, which is exactly what this celebration and especially this day is all about. This was a wonderful year of harvest in New Orleans. We stayed at the Jesus Miracle Power Ministry with sister Jan Stratton. This ministry takes in anyone at anytime, they clothe them, feed them, and disciple them in the word if God. The Lord is doing some mighty things in this ministry.

We joined up with some precious brothers and sisters to work the streets: Michael Siemer and his family, Brian Chamberlin and His Family, Lance Rowe, Brian OConnell, Edward Stagle, Richard Martin and his family, and others I just don't remember all the names, but the Lord does and that's all that matters. The news said that this year there were an estimated 2 million people. Every year this abomination grows. The Lord gave me a lot of precious fruit with the Catholics even though at times they seemed to be the most angered and the most offended at the preaching of the word.

I also ministered to a lot of professing Christians that were partaking in this abomination unto the Lord, many were drunk and lusting after the women taking off their tops, and still thinking that God was o.k. with this.

There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death. Pro.14:12

Let everyone that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity. 2 Tim 3:19

But the Lord was drawing them and opening their eyes, as we would go through the scriptures. I also had good ministry with the atheist, the pro-choice crowd and the closet homosexual that was struggling coming out of the closet. The Lord would move in a mighty way as he would prick the hearts of the people being ministered to and they would see the wickedness of their sin, some would walk away sadden and others would sincerely repent. Even some of the atheist were moved to give thoughts to the claims of Christ.

A highlight of a conversation with a homosexual:

We debated about the inspiration of the bible, and false religions, and about Jesus being the only way to get to heaven. This man had some good questions but the word of God was slicing up his defense; see Heb. 4:12

As we were talking the Lord revealed to me that this man was struggling with the issue of homosexuality in his life, I confronted him with his sin and he became sorrowful as we went to the scriptures and he saw first hand what the Bible had to say about his perversion, after some time of ministry I was able to pray for this man, please keep him in your prayers, his name is not important the Lord knows who he is.

Battling with the Jesuits.

On more than one occasion some one in the group was encountering a student from the local Jesuit seminary or college whichever it is. These students are studying to be Jesuit priests in the Catholic Church, and their biggest issue of debate was the issue of hell.

They dismiss the idea of a literal hell, they would refuse to go to the scriptures as the final authority and instead take the word of their professor. Can the blind lead the blind?

Fat Tuesday is the big day; it truly was a confrontation of good vs. evil in front of the catholic cathedral. On this day we usually hit the streets at noon and stay until it shuts down at midnight.

At one point in the day you had the satanist doing their pagan ritual and all around them Christians praying and ministering, it was an awesome sight. As the day went on a bunch of Christians just seemed to come together out of nowhere and all grab hands and begin to pray. We ministered in the square for a time and then on to Bourbon st. and toward the end of the day we were back in the square.

At about 11:30 we moved back to the end of Bourbon st. in the homosexual area to finish out the night, and right at midnight when they were closing down the streets the Lord gave us one more precious soul into his kingdom, to finish this years Mardi-Gras.

Ash Wed. the day of repentance,

The Catholic cathedral is the most historic in Louisiana and on this day the Arch Bishop of Louisiana comes to conduct the mass. We stayed an extra day to minister in front of the cathedral this year, we joined up with brother Michael Siemer and met sis. Jan and some of her team out on the square. Bros. Michael, and Terry Oneil and myself stood between the two doors and began passing out tracts while sis. Kate stood right in front of the main entrance.

We were told that if we preached to the bishop that we would be arrested on the spot. As the bishop and his entourage of people came out Bro. Michael began to cry out against the wickedness of the catholic doctrine and preaching that those not born again including the bishop and the pope would burn in hell, the crowd that came out of the church was glued to every word, as the bishop and his entourage of cardinals sped off around the corner, but not before a tract was placed in each one of their hands including the bishop's. Sis. Kate and another sis. Caught them before they could get away.

This year we also went to Mobile Ala. To the Mardi-Gras there, we were told that it was becoming like New Orleans and that there was no evangelism going on there. When we got there we found things to be a little different than we were told.

Bro. Ed Human had a group working the streets, and the party was more like a hometown festival. So we just stayed for one day and headed back for New Orleans. The Lord did bless our time there in Mobile.

A quick story:

We stood the cross outside of a biker bar that was an open air bar and sitting out on the patio were a bunch of members of the banditos, an outlaw biker club. They seemed to be watching our every move, as the Lord was sending people our way to minister to.

One man that came our way was staggering drunk, we prayed that the Lord would sober him up and as we continued talking to him his countenance changed and he became as sober as could be, he then asked the Lord into his life, by this time everyone in the bar was getting up and walking out but not before seeing a demonstration of the power of God.

Mardi-Gras is a pretty in your face and aggressive outreach but the ministry and the fellowship is awesome. After leaving New Orleans we made a brief stop to visit some family and then headed into Oklahoma for a few days. More about that next time.

Street Church

The street church is being blessed by the Lord as usual. Many are being saved and set free. When bro. Brian was down he was able to minister at the street church and see a harvest of 4 souls come into the kingdom, what was so special about this was that it was a whole family that came forward.

We also had a testimony from a man who came out one night, he is no longer on the streets, but he came out to tell us what the Lord had done in his life at the street church. His wife was in the hospital on life support the doctors said that their was no hope, to go ahead and pull the plug, he had lost everything, he had to send his children to live with a family member, and he was homeless on the streets. He came out one night and asked for prayer for his wife and his situation, we prayed and 3 days later his wife came out of the coma and she is now at home and he has a job and his children back, GLORY TO JESUS!!!

We had been believing the Lord for more chairs we only had 30. And we have been averaging 70 to 100 people. A youth pastor from Benbrook Christian Fellowship came out one night and the next day called me up and his church donated 60 chairs.

On the streets of Ft. Worth

I continue to carry the cross in Ft. Worth and in the surrounding cities, in between our journeys. I try and preach a couple of times a week in the downtown area, and when I'm with the cross.

The Arts Festival is coming into town soon, I always have trouble with the festival security, your prayers are appreciated. Also I have stopped going into the jails on a regular basis, and Lord willing I will be going into the prisons once a month.



Please Pray for us. We have a busy time on the road. If the Lord is willing we will be in San Antonio on the 17th of April (probably by the time you receive this) for a week to preach the fiesta.

And on the 28th we will be in Washington D.C. preaching at the homosexual march on the capitol, from there we will go to Memphis Tn. For a week, for the Memphis in May music festival. PLEASE PRAY!!!

A final thought My wife and I were discussing the Christian's walk. An interesting thing is how some Christians are reluctant to share their faith or confront an issue that is clearly against the scripture. All because they are afraid to offend someone. I think for the most part we have gotten off track. We have forgotten about the real offended party, and that is God, especially when we refuse to be His voice here on earth.

G. Campbell Morgan said when speaking about hypocrisy " We Christians are not to catch the spirit of the age but to condemn it, and, so far as we may, correct it. But the churches are filled with worldlings. They sit in the choirs, teach classes, hold offices. They are affiliated with all the unfruitful works of darkness and never reprove them. If their hypocrisy is pointed out, they adopt the hush-hush policy by misusing the admonition, judge not that ye be not judged, only another device of the devil to shut our mouths while the church continues to become more worldly. We have long since ceased being disturbed by these sensitive souls who howl when the sword of the Spirit opens the puspockets of iniquity."

As an earring of gold, and an ornament of fine gold, so is a wise reprover upon an obedient ear. Pro.25:12

The harvest truly is plenteous but the laborers are few! We love you all Al, Rachelle, Cheyenne, Tylynn

Psalm 40:8-10

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