Well Glory to God!!

Is there anyone out there ready to shout? Other than about the election process???

We do have so much to thank our Lord Jesus for. His will SHALL be done in all this. He holds everything in the palm of His very capable hand. Yes, we do get in the way and He allows us to stumble, but we give Him all glory. He knows the beginning from the end. He is the beginning and the end! Please, we hope you, too are glorifying Him today in your lives. That is the goal of, or should be, of all people called Christian. If it doesn't glorify Him in some way, we need to steer clear of it.


Well, we thought we'd update you a little on the latest happenings and a few praise reports. First thing is to share about what God has and is doing in our nephew. Do you remember us sending out an emergency prayer request? Just to remind you, in September, about the 8, our nephews were in a very serious auto accident in Tucson, AZ.

At the time, we were in Colorado seeking the Lord as to what we were to be about? So, after a couple of things hadn't panned out as we thought, at the very time, we got word from Brian's mom & sister about the accident. So we headed there, about 900 miles from where we were. Brent, the youngest (16) was in the hospital in coma. There wasn't much hope given by the hospital that he'd come out of it??

Josh(19) was out and walking with a limp and had his head stapled and thumb sewn back on. We stayed there with them for a week and continued to pray, anoint his head daily, read the word to him and ask you to pray. Well, today, the latest word has been that not only is Brent out of the bed, but walking almost without aid and talking!!! HALLELUJAH TO GOD! Our prayer is that he will accept Jesus totally as the ONE who saved his life, and Josh, too. Also the other young man that was with them. The police had brought body bags with them to the scene of the accident, not figuring anyone was alive. I would like to have photos of the would have no doubt that there were angels encamped round about them. To God be all glory. He's not finished with these young men.

We were blessed to have met a man in Colorado that lived in Texas near Ft. Worth. He was on vacation and we had met him and his family (Hi David & Melanie & sons) at a camp ground. They were just stopping for a couple of hours. Anyway, because of that divine meeting, we found ourselves visiting the church that they attend (and are in the praise team) in Texas. The Lord prompted the pastor to talk with us about preaching that next Sunday, then about staying to teach evangelism & cult awareness classes.....WOW, God did all of this. We just obeyed.

We prayed and sought the Lord, who gave us peace. We were there for 7 weeks, and had a glorious time. During that time, Brian taught classes on Sunday night and Tuesday night, co-preached or preached on Sundays (5 of 7 weeks) then in addition, we got to be a part of a Halloween outreach. There was a block party (secular) and a group of folks came together to go and preach, pass out tracts, and minister the Gospel. We were blessed to work with brother Al Rodriguez at this outreach in the city of Grapevine, Texas.

We also got to go downtown Ft. Worth at the parade of lights and the lighting of their Christmas tree. Al and I (Brian) carried the crosses there; it is one of the largest outdoor events in Fort Worth. We handed out about 1200 tracts and got to talk with several folks and pray with a few. God appointed some good seeds to be sown, some to water and many to encourage. There were several of the saints that attended the classes to come as well as 5 children also passing out Jesus stickers to other kids.

Brian carried the cross in Euless, TX also, and had a wonderful time talking with police, sisters and brothers and a lot of lost, broken, hurting folk. One man in particular, told him as he headed the man's way, that he need not come toward him. Brian sensed hurt in him, and he proceeded toward him.. He ended up pouring his heart out and allowing God to help him with his pain. Thank you sweet Holy Spirit.

Then on another day, about 3 folks from the same church went door to door in the area near by and placed an ANNOUNCEMENT tag on the doors to let neighbors know that the church members are praying for them and that they are there for them. There was much more to the tags. There was about 600 handed out at that time. And, it was cold! But the Lord kept us all. We were able to talk with a few folks, too. God is so good to stretch our faith and allowing us to see just what He can do through us if we allow Him the opportunity.

Well, we are located, temporarily in Fanning Springs, Fl. First we are working on a much overdue newsletter. Also working on a new web page, hopefully to be completed and on-line in Feb.

We do appreciate you. We're working on new teachings and seeking the Lord.

Don't know exactly how long we will be there, but we would love to hear from you. we love you and God loves you! If you want to contact us, e-mail us.

Be blessed,please in Jesus,

Brian & Mary Chamberlin, Lora, Hannah & Cala

c/o 11201 Melanie Lane

Georgetown, TN.


"Be not thou therefore ashamed of the testimony of our Lord....." 2 Timothy 1:8