We're sending this announcement to proclaim our daughter's birth
With a profound sense of gratitude, we're reminded of Life's worth.
She was Born on the sixth of January, at nine in the evening time,
A magnificent reminder of God's wonderful Design.

We had Christians who were praying that the birth would turn out well
And there were no complications, for the baby or Michelle.
She was 19 inches long from her head down to her toes,
And Jesus blessed our time of birth with assistants that He chose.


Cathy was there to guide us, with the wisdom the Lord provides.
And Mary was there to offer prayer and comfort for my bride.
Their love for God was evident, and we are thankful they were there
Precious friends are rare to find and we are grateful for that pair!

We took her to Winn-Dixie to get an accurate weight
We put her on the scale there, and she weighed six pounds and eight!
We pondered on her name a while, for the most part of a day
We thank the Lord for Abigail… we'll call her Abby May.




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