We are sending this announcement about Hoshea, our newborn son

Who was born at ten o'clock at night after services were done.

We'd preached and sang, and edified, and had sat down to
eat a meal

When someone came to tell me that the labor was
getting real!

Eight pounds and fifteen ounces, on March 13th, two thousand and four

Hoshea came to bless us just outside the church's door!

Emmy and Mona were the midwives who blessed us with wonderful aid,

As other Christians throughout the states diligently

His length was twenty-one inches, and he has quite
a head of hair,

He seems quite content with his family and seems
happy that we're there.

We sought the Lord for the name He had for this
newborn baby boy,

He was faithful to provide the name and we pass it
on with joy:

Hoshea is the first name; as the prophet, so our son,

If the Lord should tarry, he will say "Thy Will Lord,
be it done".

Ezekiel is his middle name, "Jehovah is my strength"

A watchman for the King of kings who will go to any

In Baton Rouge our seventh child was born on the river Amite

Outside the Church at Riverbend, the blessing was complete.

On the seventh day God had rested, and maybe now we will rest some, too

With our seventh child Hoshea, near the road called Hoo Shoo Too!

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