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1998Lance And Michelle Rowe 1998

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Posted 12/10/2015
Much is said in reference to the “Jezebel” spirit that characterizes some people’s lives. One of the most common definitions of a “Jezebel” is a woman who seduces married men, or who steals the affection of a man from another woman.
Some see Jezebel as the woman who dresses in a seductive manner when she goes to church on Sunday. All the deacons are smitten with her, and the pastor has been observed by some to be checking her out on the sly when he thought no one was looking. It’s common knowledge among many in the congregation that the pastor has a special interest in her, although he tries to hide that fact. If the truth were known, those who hold that common knowledge are operating in the Jezebel Spirit more than the woman they are talking about.
Jezebel is about bringing down ministries and working division in the Body of Christ. The Word of God clearly defines the modus operandi of Jezebel, and we need not go beyond Scripture to see how that spirit works. In His message to the messenger of the Church at Thyratira, Jesus says:
Rev 2:20 Notwithstanding I have a few things against thee, because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel, which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols.
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Posted 12/9/2015

Heb 12:28 Wherefore we receiving a kingdom which cannot be moved, let us have grace, whereby we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear:

The Greek interpreted as "have" is elsewhere translated as "hold", or "hold fast", or to "keep". The writer is saying since we are members of a kingdom that cannot be shaken or done away with; an eternal kingdom, we are to hold fast to Grace so we can serve (worship) God as we ought to.

Many have made Grace into an acronym, saying Grace stands for God's riches (or redemption) at Christ's expense. Others say it means "unmerited favor". These definitions lose something in the translation.

But the Biblical definition of Grace must not be lost by the one who believes, and who has been transferred from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of Light. Titus wonderfully defines Grace and its' purpose.

Tit 2:11 For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men, 
12 Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world;

We are told n Hebrews 12:28, since we are now citizens of the Kingdom of Light, we are to hold on to our resolve to deny ungodliness and worldly lusts. As children of the Kingdom, we are to hold fast to the principles of sobriety, righteousness, and godliness so our lives will be a reflection of worship before God.

Worship is NOT the music portion of the service. Worship is an attitude of service to God. Worship is how you conduct yourself in your daily affairs, how you represent the Christian life to others. Worship is all about how you live your Christian life. Jesus said that those who worship God will worship Him in Spirit (yielding to the guidance of the Holy Spirit daily) and in Truth (without hypocrisy).

Those who are led by the Spirit are the sons of God. A true worshipper will be all about furthering the Kingdom of God here on this earth in obedience to the One Who said "Go ye".


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Have you been saved, or moralized?

Posted 12/9/2015

"Then let us amend our ways, for of what avail will it be at the last great day to have taught and moralized men if they appear before God unsaved?" - Spurgeon

The soul lost in sin affirms that he needs to change, because his life is swiftly falling apart. There are those around him who have died or have been sentenced to spend their lives behind prison bars, and he knows that if something doesn't change, the same fate will await him, or worse - a once brilliant mind perhaps reduced to a barely functioning semblance of humanity because of years of substance abuse.

When custody of children is lost because of neglect due to a compulsion to satiate an uncontrollable desire, or when a marriage is destroyed because of an individual's self centered decisions focused on his or her pursuit of personal happiness; or when failed relationship after failed relationship result in a life consumed by hurt, disappointment, bitterness, addiction or thoughts of self destruction, one may realize that something has to change.

Many who sit on a pew on Sunday morning have come from situations described above, and have substituted one lifestyle for another. They have been accepted and loved by others who have found the same refuge, and they testify of the Grace of God in their lives. But have they embraced Christ, or have they embraced the support group that calls itself by the Name of Christ?

Indeed, there are those who have truly tasted of the Grace of God, and have embraced the cross on which He hung, and have laid prostrated at the foot of the cross as the Precious Blood of Jesus flows down and covers their being. They understand that it is only the Blood, only the Blood that saves them from themselves. These look with gratitude and humiliation upon the nail scarred Hands and Feet, the spear pierced Side and the Flesh that was ripped for them, and understand the Love that was demonstrated for them; "greater Love hath no man than this, that he lays his life down for his friend". So said that Precious Jesus, friend of sinners, Whose life was given so men could live.
Such demonstration of love compels them to lay down their lives as well. Farewell to comfort or pursuit of happiness or self fulfillment. At the cross they realize that all was surrendered so all could be given, and they surrender all and now give their all to the King to which they've bowed.

Then there are others in the pew who have not let go of self. They have been moralized and civilized as better citizens than they had been before, and they testify to each other of what "God" has done for them as they look with disdain through narrowed eyes at those within as well as those outside their clique who still struggle. Their prayers are for the things of the world, and not that the world would come to Jesus. They pray for their comfort, for their happiness, for their cars and their toys instead of the souls that are perishing around them.

Pastors who are pursuing numbers and church growth instead of the Kingdom of God must ask themselves:

"of what avail will it be at the last great day to have taught and moralized men if they appear before God unsaved?"

Jesus didn't die for us so we could be better citizens, have better lives, and be successful in business. He died for us so we could become children of God. The lives of Children of God will reflect the life of Christ. Spurgeon asks:

Dear reader, have you and I lived to win souls at this noble rate? Are we possessed with the same all-absorbing desire? If not, why not? Jesus died for sinners, cannot we live for them? Where is our tenderness? Where our love to Christ, if we seek not his honour in the salvation of men? O that the Lord would saturate us through and through with an undying zeal for the souls of men.

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What an Occasion For Ministry Awaits Us Even In Our Daily Chores

Posted 12/7/2015

Sunny day. 
Wife needed some cream cheese frosting. 
Bike needed some exercise. What a perfect combination! 
It's been a couple of cold weeks since I have had it running. I Rode it to the Foodland in Section. As I walked across the parking lot toward the store, a guy that was sitting in the passenger seat of a car said something to me. I din't hear him, and I thought maybe it was someone who knew me, so I started to walk toward him. I didn't recognize him, but like I usually do, I pretended like I knew him, just in case I did. "Hey, man, how you doing?" I asked as I got up to the window.

He was in a lot of pain. Grimacing and talking between deep breaths, he told me he had fallen off a roof yesterday. I asked him if i could pray for him. He looked kind of surprised, but said "sure". I asked him where he was hurt, and he told me his hip. So I prayed. I thanked the Lord that He was the Healer, and asked Him for His Kingdom to come in this situation. I told the pain to leave and for the sinews to come together in his hip in the Name of Jesus Christ. As I prayed, he would say "yes" in agreement with me. Eventually I finished, and he thanked me for the prayer. I asked him how it felt, and a look of surprise came over his face as he realized that the pain had gone. We thanked Jesus for that and for a complete manifestation of His healing in his life.

I asked him if we had met before, and he said he didn't think so. His name was Tony, and his voice was strong and certain, with no evidence of pain any more.
I then asked him where he fellowshipped, and he told me he had gone to a certain church, but hadn't been there "for awhile". I told him about our Saturday night fellowship and encouraged him to get plugged in somewhere.

He then asked me if I could pray that he and his daughter would be reconciled, since it was apparent to him that God answers my prayers. So I did. I believe it will happen soon. Soon he mentioned my bike, and said it was a nice looking bike, and if I wanted to give it to him I could! Then he chuckled. When he said that, I realized that was what had started this conversation. He had made a comment about my bike, and I hadn't understood what he said.

His partner came out, and got in the driver's seat. Bobby didn't seem like he wanted to hang around too long to visit, but I was able to give them a card and asked them both to come visit some Saturday night.

Praise God for motorcycles, a wife that loves cream cheese frosting, and a God that desires to glorify His Name through healing those who have need of healing.

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